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Heartsing Podcast #17: The Everyday Adventure Bucket List!

Create a list that has the potential to change the path of your life! Tune in for the what, how and why. Download below your FREE PDF to get started (and see Slayer's list)

Heartsing Podcast 16 Building the Runway - small changes, big results

Take Action! 2 Challenges to start your runway!

Challenge #1:

Plan a THINK hour. Just you, a challenge, goal or obstacle and your brain. See what solutions you can come up with and how can you start to build the runway?!

Challenge #2:

Join the priority seating list! FREE Intro talks! Find out more about benefits of meditation, the technique we teach at the Chopra Center and how this could increase your health, wellness and overall sense of peace, joy and happiness.

Episode 15 Self Love

Mind, Body and Soul! Leave this episode with tools to expand your love of self. Download the worksheet here, and tune in!

Episode 14 Habit Stacks

Turn your listening into transformation with this Habit Stacker tool! Just download here, listen to #14 and start to BECOME who you were made to be!

Episode 13 Internal GPS: Emotions, Feelings and Soul Experiencer

What is that energy inside of use? How can we learn to feel what our body is trying to tell us after a lifetime of shutting it down? Listen in and download the FREE workbook to help you navigate your body, mind and soul.