Intro to Meditation

Join the priority seating list! Intro talks beginning in June 2021. Find out more about benefits of meditation, the technique we teach at the Chopra Center and how this could increase your health, wellness and overall sense of peace, joy and happiness.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a tool for rediscovering the body’s own inner intelligence.

Silence is the birthplace of happiness, creativity and infinite possibilities. From this field of pure potentiality we get our bursts of inspiration, our most intuitive thoughts, and our deepest sense of connection to the Universe. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows you to weave silence and stillness into your mind and body to create a life of greater compassion and fulfillment. Meditation is a journey to the center of our very being; a journey to emotional freedom; and a journey to the reawakening of our unconditioned self.