Coaching w/Slayer

Are you ready to find your heartsing?

Private and Group Coaching is a great option to accelerate your results, save time and get immediate direct feedback to keep moving forward. Let's get you to that goal you have always dreamed of and increase your awareness!

Alter Ego Future Self

Start to create your future today in the process of building an alter ego you admire. See where the journey takes you...and have FUN!

Power of Sisterhood

Together, we light this B up!

Self discovery is a quest inside of ourselves, but so much sweeter when we can share with those on a similar path!

 "Glamp Camp" 2020The MEfirst Sisterhood is filled with all types of women and here's what you can expect from the Namaslayer Community at large: 

  • Most of us have battled our weight or body issues for life and are on a quest to find HEALTHY. 
  • "It's not weight LOSS, it's health GAIN."
  • We have put ourselves after others for most of our lives and are changing #MEFirst
  • We are a bunch of crazy fun recovering perfectionists
  • We create our future self alter egos and work to build our lives from our future, not from our past. 
  • We look at what one SMALL change can we make today?!
  • We learn, dream big and grow and share as we do so. 
  • We have open minds to new concepts, foods, thoughts
  • We make plans and commit to showing up for ourselves and our sisters. 
  • We live with intention. 
  • There is a new topic monthly to work on and we do a GET IT DONE workshop together. 
  • We typically are nature lovers, starting out or on our soul journeys, we can talk superheroes, goddess and witches and think it's great fun to dream and live in a world of magical possibilities! 

Most of all, we know that no matter what happens, where we are on our path, we are with a group of women that are free of judgement and full of love. 

The Sisterhood is not for you if: 

  • You are looking for a "meal plan" or "quick fix" diet. 
  • You don't want to live a more radiant life. 
  • You think that all there is to life is what you see in front of you.
  • You are not interested in accountability and/or friendships
  • You don't want to grow or learn
  • You think crystals and chakra cards are crazy talk (hee hee)
  • You will never, ever, let Slayer talk you in to learning to meditate ;) I'm sure you would not have made it this far if that's the case...

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