Corporate Addie

I had acheived all the "things", but there was always the lingering thought that there must be more to life.

When I was "Corporate Addie" in the Property Management world, I considered myself a successful fun-loving woman and I had the life that was actually on my vision board! My six figure job, my house on the ocean in Hawaii, my children. All of it, I thought "happy" would be there. And, while I loved so much about my life, I was experiencing anxiety, stress, and emotions that I chose to deal with the quickest and easiest way I knew how with food, wine, parties and Netflix...

My World got Rocked

In 2017 I got the call from my Mom that her battle with cancer was taking a turn for the worse...

The call from my Mom about her cancer changed the trajectory of my life. Shortly after I made the decision to move back to Arizona to be with her and help, leaving my youngest child in Hawaii with her Father. I spent the summer helping Mom and started my new position as a Regional Property Manager in Arizona.

The Moment of Reckoning

The Ultimate Buffering Plan

My 300 lb "ball of misery" phase

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After a stressful week doing budgets, a summer away from my youngest child and watching my Mom suffer,  I hit the proverbial wall. 

I went home on a Friday and implemented The Ultimate Buffering Weekend Plan (so as to not FEEL any of these negative emotions).  

After a serious Game of Thrones binge, which included copious amounts of take out food and wine it happened!

While crying in what I call my "300 pound ball of misery" a small voice deep inside me cried out for help. 

Then she banged louder. 

I sobbed in my ball and screamed back that I didn't know WHAT to do! I was doing everything I could for everyone!!! 

She told me to get up. 

To seek. To do this for ME.

I actually had a thought that my life had passed me by. Here I was middle aged, alone, Mom dying, child across the ocean...

Then voice got louder--

Life was NOT over at 46 and you are going to figure this out, once and for all!

And that, my friends, is how and why my journey began.

My Soul was tired of waiting for me to  wake up!

Self Discovery

The Weight Loss Quest turns to Passion

I shared on FacebookI started my journey on a weight loss quest with one thought, "If I can just get skinny, everything else will be okay." 

It seemed I could conquer everything else in my life but my life long weight battle. Therefore, this must be the reason.

That theory was about to be rocked as I followed my quest and found all I needed, right inside me all along.

This is when I shifted from weight LOSS to health GAIN. 

As I learned about my mind, uncovered my soul, I lost nearly 100 pounds, I started to teach others  on Facebook.

I realized I get LIT UP when I'm on a LIVE or when someone messages me that my story, or something I have shared has in some way made their life better.

Friends, Slayer is in the HOUSE! I found my passion!

I know now how to help others on their path too, so I'm here to share, help, coach, do whatever it takes to help other women find the magic inside. 

The magic that may be buried under layers and in a bottle of wine like me, or it may be something else that is keeping you from being your authentic self. 

I have shared it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, and the creation of Slayer.

Creating my future self unlocked infinite possibilitiest

When I started on my quest, I could not imagine a different possibility for life. I started to build an alter ego that I could look to for guidance. I started to ask myself, "What would Slayer do?" In the process I BECAME Slayer. I created and adapted habits and the mindset of this semi-fictional persona. I visualized her and wrote from her to myself. I took this "exercise" to the next level and it was game changing for me. I made identity based habit changes which is where true transformation exists. I created the future self superhero incubator to help other women start dreaming again, and create a Slayer for themselves.

Authentic Power & Meditation

When people ask me the single biggest thing I did to transform my life, meditation is at the top of the list. 

I found meditation and life coaching around the same time. 

The combination of the mind work and soul work set me on an accelerated course to awakening to my true state of being.

I believe meditation can be such a powerful tool for weight loss for many reasons, but the top of that list, is just learning to sit still with ME. 

Wait until you try it! Or, if you are like I was and think you can never be someone to meditate--too many thoughts, etc. 

Open yourself to this possibility of this tool being just the shift you need.  It's a Universal GAME CHANGER! 

As I increased the awareness around my mind with thought work, habit building, journaling, and learning to process my emotions, I had the added benefit of decreasing my stress and anxiety, dipping in the field of infinite possibilities with meditation.

The more I coached and led others it became more and more evident that meditation was a key piece in a transformation. 

It's not the only piece, but it has one of the largest pay offs!

So much so, that I went to the Chopra Center to get certified to be able to instruct this mantra based meditation technique to help as many people as I can!


Creation is my Superpower

I did it! I created this life I love full of fun, health, adventures and heartsing!

I am an example of what is possible, to other women and to my girls. 


MY girls and I on an adventure this summer!

Life no longer happens to ME. I happen to LIFE!

It's not always easy, and in fact, if it gets easy ever again I know to look for the next challenge because that is where the growth is and all of the magic! 

In the past year, I started Namaslayer, have helped hundreds of women to choose to think differently about their lives, learn to mediate and think about what is possible. 

On the road! All my toys in one pic ;)I bought an RV and am traveling the country making everyday adventures as I run the business and continue my quest to help women find some space in their lives for themselves. 

If you are ready to light it up, head over to the LEARN page to get started!

You can also find more of my story on the Heartsing Podcast.

Light and Love my Sisters!

A hui hou (until we meet again)



Make a Commitment to YOU

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