Slayer & Ginnie lead this day to prepare you body, mind and soul for Q4 to set yourself up for success in 2022. 

SATURDAY 9.25.2021

9 am ET - 6 PM ET

The Line Up (Full Agenda to follow)

Slayer & Ginnie Opening Event - Body, Mind and Soul with Ginnie & Slayer

Slayer & Mary Beall Adler the "Biohacker" - Improve sleep and over all health with scientific hacks. Q&A and with Mary to follow. 

Paula McNabb - Chopra Health Ayurvendic Winter Rountines

Slayer - 5 Elements (Earth & Body) Meditation

Anne Cobb Smith - How to balance your Chakras for the Season

Ginnie Vestal - Dragon Consciousness, awaken your dragon energies

Slayer -  Tools to Slay - Create your Game Plan to stoke your fires this fall

Slayer & Ginnie - Open Q & A, Group Chat

What's happening?

Dragons and Doshas!