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Get your Zen On!

Namaslayer is focused on helping people put themselves first (MEFirst!). Creating time in our days to create space to connect with our inner self is key to living   with more joy, peace, love and happiness daily! 

Through meditation not only do we see a reduction in stress and feel this release in our physical self, but we start to have a greater connection with that peace that is within us. 

What to Expect

Four Session LIVE Instruction Course and Ongoing Support

In these four sessions you will learn the fundamentals of meditation, indepth concepts and the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation as taught by the Chopra Center. Most of all, you will learn how to make this EASY and part of your every day life. Taught in a group setting, you learn from others as we share and grow together in our practice--and we have FUN! A Private Facebook group and Monthly Zoom meditations and other ongoing support are offered to continue growing your practice.

Bring in the NEW YEAR with YOU!

February and March Class open Soon! Email

Small Groups limited to 8-10 max 

Times will be coordinated with the group and confirmed with each member. If you are interested and these times do not work, please reach out to me directly.Session 2 is scheduled privately with me for your one on one mantra ceremony. My goal is to do them all as close to Sunday as possible so you have time to practice before Session 3. 

These are LIVE interactive group meetings. 

You can purchase now and you will be contacted to find a group and time that will work for you. If you have any concerns, please email, or PM Addie Beall on Facebook. 

Benefits of a Meditation Practice

Begin your practice and enjoy all of these benefits and more!

Manage stress • Reduce anxiety • Improve your relationships • Create inner peace • Awaken your intuition • Enhance your sleep patterns • Lower your blood pressure • Become less judgmental • Connect to spirit

On a Personal Note...

Mediation changed my life

I remember sitting in my first intro to meditation course and hearing the instructor say, "If you do this twice a day, for 30 minutes, a year from life your life will look completely different." That hit HOME. All I had to do was SIT STILL? And I could get all these benefits? AND be healthier, just want to naturally? Sign me up! I really believe this was the foundation of this being the game changer on my weight loss journey that has been a life long struggle for me. It turned from a quest to be the "skinny biker B" to a quest to figure out how to harness more of this light in my world so I can create and live in more of my excellence! All of that, because I learned to find the stillness. Join me. Let's do this together. It's more fun that way ;) xo Slayer


  • I've tried to meditation before but can never sit still!

    You are not alone my friend! This is a common fear we have about meditation. While this process is no "magic pill" and I can't phyiscally be there to sit on you each day (heh ;)), I can tell you this--I bring in keys to habit building in all I teach. The groups are designed to help us all step away from perfect and do what works for YOU and your practice. This will develope as you practice, and so will your ability to sit and observe the urges that arise for you to remove yourself from discomfort. This also helps you along the path of every other goal you want to acheive in life! It's totally a win-win!

  • I can't make it to all the sessions, what can I do?

    There is a lot I teach that it's okay to do on "replay". I would say meditation is the exception for the most part. The best thing to do is reach out to me. Often I am coordinating the group times so everyone can be present, and we just may have a time that will work for you that you don't see, or we may have a work around. These are LIVE Zoom courses, and you will get the most from being present.

  • I already meditate with an app, what's the difference with the Primoridal Sound Meditation?

    First up, there is not "good" or "bad" meditation! YAY YOU for taking time to settle your body and mind! The Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra based technique. This sound vibration is created to take you to your inner self. Many meditations will keep you at the activity of the mind, or have a purpose that they will take you, gratitude, healing, for example. This meditation is designed to deliver you to your True Self. To connect with who you truly are, and what's best yet, is you don't need anything but YOU to do it--any where, any time. It's easy, effortless and comfortable.

  • What makes your meditation course different from all those out there?

    It is the intention at Namaslayer to make meditation FUN, accessible for everyone and to help people really make this part of their lifestyle. You can get meditation instruction in a lot of places, but here we also combine this with studied habit building processes and group interaction to help you create meditation as part of your lifestyle so you can reap the benefits!

  • I have too many thoughts, I just can't meditate!

    Doesn't this sound like you? I was right there with you on this! I thought I was special with all my millions of whirling thoughts...turns out we all have them and it's a natural part of the process. They are SUPPOSED to be there! WOW! What?! Once we stop resisting them and learn how to transcend them....we can then begin this journey into silence. All part of what we will learn and practice together. You can do it! We all can!

How do I know this course is for me?

  • You have the thought, "There must be something more than this?"

  • You want to live a life full of more peace, joy and happiness

  • You want more sleep, less stress and anxiety, and have fun!

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