Why Coach with Me?

I mean, other than my obvious fabulousness and fun ;)


Hello Fellow Badass Light Warrior! 

 I'm Addie B, AKA Slayer of Namaslayer, Hostess of the Heartsing Podcast , Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, Spiritual Weight Loss Guide, Leader of the MEFirst Sisterhood creator of Namaslayer's Guide to MEfirst.

Whatever you are feeling and has brought you here, I have probably encountered on my journey myself or leading others. 

You are not alone.

Feel like you keep trying things and nothing works? 

Yep, I get that too. 

Feel like just giving up sometimes? 

Totally feel ya!  

You know you are destined for so much more but it's starting to seem impossible?

Yeah, I get you my sister.

You have so much going on and there is SO much information you just slip into overwhelm?

Been there too!  

After going through all of this and more on my weight loss quest, I have been focused on building a path for this journey.

This quest we are on to find that magic inside!

Doesn't that sound FUN?

Fun is one of my core values and I try to infuse it in all I do...and that means our coaching sessions too. 

Yeah, we might cry. 

Okay, it's bound to happen. 

But some of those tears? 

Tears of laughter. 

Tears of Joy.

And the best kind...tears of gratitude!

As we work together learning to have fun and dream again, you will increase your self awareness so you can create the life you want to be living, not a life that leaves you thinking, 

"There must be something more than this?"

You CAN live an overall HEARTSINGING existence. 

A life in which you radiate and don't feel drained all the time.

Yes, this is possible! 

"Slayer, how the hell is fun and dreaming going to help me lose weight???!"

My dear sister of light, the weigh is a symptom. The loss of it will be from the healing inside, and uncovering your magic. 

We embrace the dark and love it with the light. 


Become who you were meant to be.

It's not an easy path, but, my friend, but it is a path full of magical discovery! 

Whatever your dream is, or even if you don't quite know what it is yet, I can help guide you. 

I am an expert leader, guide and motivator and a damn good cheer leader and space holder ;) 

If you want to hear more about my transformation story and uncovering my magic, listen to the Heartsing Podcast (episode one starts my journey). 

I will be there with you on this journey and help you uncover what is in you, that you already know. 

That is waiting for you to discover it.

Let’s start your journey today! Follow the link to schedule your first appointment. 


Investing in YOU

Amplify your results

Private Coaching is time dedicated to only you and your goals. If you are like a lot of my clients, short on time and overwhelmed with all the information out there, you can benefit greatly for time to dial in on just YOU and what you are needing on this path.
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Message from Slayer

Let's Talk Investments

You are worth all the time you invest on yourself. Every. Single. Second.

What is your No. 1 asset?

Your Brain! 

No one can take your knowledge from you. 

As you learn more about your brain and create awareness around your thoughts, the world opens up and you realize that you are full of infinite possibilities

Investing in YOU is never a bad idea. 

What are you waiting for? 

What IF this is the catalyst for change you were seeking? 

Time to just work on YOU?

You DO deserve it!

Take a small leap

What is SHE saying to you right now?

Try THIS: take a minute, close your eyes, BREATH deeply, get still, and ask the YOU that is in there, your Inner Guide. The voice you bury, ask her, "Is this the right move? Should I sign up to find out?" Sit still and listen. The button is right below...

Benefits to One-on-One Heartsing Coaching

Having time for you to work on you may just be reason enough, but add these to the mix!

  • Accelerate your growth with weekly coaching just for you!

  • Recorded calls so you can review and replay

  • Weekly email coaching summary

  • Email support as needed

How to set up Coaching

Getting started is simple! Let's get those goals going and find your heartsing!

  • Please email slayer@namaslayer.com to set up scheduling and payment options.

It's Time

You made it this far...

Let's fire that dream tank of yours up and start to believe that you CAN create whatever you desire! Let's do this. Can't wait to "meet" you. See you in the Zoom!